Function management Management functions are the basic elements that will always be there and clung to the management process that will be a reference by the managers in carrying out activities to achieve goals. Management function was first introduced by a French industrialist named Henry Fayol in the early 20th century. At that time, he mentioned the five functions of management, namely designing, organizing, commanding, mengordinasi, and control.But this time, the five functions have been summarized into four, namely: 1. Perencanaan ( planning ) is to figure out what to do with the resources they own. Planning carried out to determine the overall corporate objectives and how best to meet that goal. 2. Pengorganisasian ( organizing ) is done with the aim of dividing a large activities into the activities of smaller ones. Managers in the organization make it easier to supervise and determine who needed to carry out tasks that have divided them 3. Pengarahan ( directing ) is an action for ensuring that all members of the group trying to achieve objectives consistent with the managerial and business planning 4. Mengontrol (controlling)


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